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Gone are the days, except in the smallest or most outdated of organisations without a label printer, where warehouse labels were hand-written and affixed to received products. That resulted in errors due to labels that were hard to read and inefficiency because of the need to record everything manually.

Why a Dependable Warehouse Label Printer Is Essential for Profitability

The move to using an office label printer resulted in a huge increase in the accuracy of recording but still left room for productivity improvements. The accepted practice of printing labels in advance of receiving goods meant workers often lost time in collecting those labels and errors could still result from mislabelling items.

Rather than having a centralised printer that produces labels, mobile printers strategically placed throughout the warehouse can significantly improve accuracy and productivity. Each can be a label printer that’s online to a central system via wireless connectivity and can be used for.

How Warehouse Mobile Label Printers Provide the Answer

  • Goods Receipt. The printers may be mounted on forklift trucks and can produce barcode or RFID labels for items as they are received. Printing and immediately affixing to the item means identification errors are eliminated and time is saved by avoiding constant trips to a warehouse office. Furthermore, details of the receipt are automatically transmitted to the central system so further input is unnecessary and the labels can be scanned by automated systems or mobile devices for other procedures.
  • Put Away. As the received items are put into stock, the label can be scanned with a mobile device to record that action. This may be in accordance with instructions from the central system that will plot the most efficient route and add to the already substantial efficiency savings.
  • Quality Control. Samples taken for testing can have a label printed and affixed as they are removed from the store. This ensures samples are clearly identified, traceable to their source batch, and can be marked with the results of testing. This improves quality assurance, compliance, and overall productivity.
  • Picklists, including optimum picking routes, can be generated for mobile devices, and the correct shipping label printer for items as they are picked. These actions will update the central system, causing stock and on order levels to be reduced while picked quantities are recorded.
  • Labels can be printed and affixed as goods are packed so that everything is assured of reaching its correct destination.

Choose the Label Printer that’s Perfect for You in Australia

Label printers come in a variety of types and you need to choose the correct one to obtain maximum benefit. Consider the following:

  • The volume of Printing. Large quantities of Avery labels will require a fast printer that can handle high-volume printing consistently.
  • Importance of Printing. If you can’t afford for production to be held up because label printing isn’t possible, go for a printer that’s ultra-reliable and easy to maintain. Also, if quality printing is essential, especially in a small font or on complex labels, make sure the printer is capable.
  • Location of Printing. Warehouses can be tough environments, so make sure the printer you choose can withstand knocks, dust, moisture, and other threats that are present.
  • Need for Connectivity. If the printer is to be integrated into your stock control and production systems, ensure it can be connected by WiFi.
  • Dymo is one of the most popular brands when it comes to thermal or label printers. Printing product labels to stick them on the packages, cardboards, glasses, or other types of material.
  • Colour label printer: The majority of them are colour, not just black and white or mono to help make the labels or the strikers stand out.

Office Corporate sells a different range of printers from multifunction printers to just mono or laser ones so we can make sure you can find your needs on our online store, we have a fast delivery Australia wide which is something that you can take the hassle off of your staff to go and buy them from local stores.

Label printers facilitate workflow in the office 

If you choose carefully, the days of unreadable and inaccurate warehouse labels will be over. Added to that, you’ll cut operating costs, improve productivity, and have a more efficient and profitable operation.

Office Corporate sells office stationery & supplies on our online store, and we deliver all over Australia. We sell a variety of stationery items, including personal organiser refills & self-adhesive binder label holders. Browse our website further or contact us for more information.

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