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Office Corporate brings you a wide range of disposable face masks for high-performance when it matters most. Our premium, medical-grade masks are up to the task. Partner with Office Corporate for a face mask that delivers unequalled protection and unrivalled comfort.

Superior disposable face masks: Just what the doctor ordered

The importance of a quality medical face mask cannot be overlooked. A face mask is a critical barrier preventing harmful organisms from entering the body through oral and nasal mucus membranes. Face masks also serve to decrease the risk of viruses spreading between people through droplets expelled from the nose and mouth.

Recent world events have highlighted the need for premium facial protection & disposable face masks, but have also resulted in inferior-quality surgical mask options being wide-spread and readily available. Office Corporate understands that in many cases sub-standard personal protective equipment can be the difference between life and death. Not all masks are created equal. We are therefore committed to providing our customers with quality personal protective equipment for use in medical environments and daily life alike.

We have partnered with leading brands that develop and manufacture disposable face mask solutions that strike the perfect balance between extreme protection and ultimate comfort. Our medical grade face masks comply with strict international standards that regulate the design and construction of face masks for use in medical applications.

Our options deliver the required protection with safe, premium materials, and better filtration. With increased breathability, options with a soft inner lining for comfort, these and quality ear loops, and fasteners, these choices are a must-have. Whether you are a doctor, dentist, paramedic, or proactive citizen, our disposable face masks are the perfect fit.

With our packs of 50 disposable face masks, you can stock up on these single-use mask options to ensure you are always protected. Office Corporate ensures that your medical face mask purchase will be on its way in no time with quick, effective delivery all over Australia. It’s no wonder that health care providers and families around the country have come to rely on us to meet their PPE needs.

Disposable medical face masks that offer the ultimate peace of mind

Office Corporate’s surgical face masks offer you greater peace of mind than any alternative on the market. Whether you are a dental healthcare provider, a medical professional, or simply looking to protect yourself from harmful bacteria during day-to-day activities, you can trust Office Corporate’s options to get the job done.

Have a look at just a few reasons why our flu masks are the go-to choice for medical professionals, nationwide:

  • Bacterial Filtration Efficiency: The BFE rating measures the ability of a disposable face mask to filter out live bacteria. Office Corporate has sourced a range of masks with BFE of over 98%. This means that our options have been quality-tested, and, when used correctly, high-performance and better protection are assured.
  • Hypoallergenic: Office Corporate stocks flu mask options constructed from premium materials that are unlikely to result in an allergic reaction. Worry less about discomfort as well as the transmission of bacteria with these excellent options.
  • Latex-free: Allergic reactions to latex are becoming an increasing concern in the medical community. Approximately one in ten people are sensitive to rubber latex, and while some reactions are minor, some reactions are incredibly severe and life-threatening. As medical professionals as well as patients with chronic conditions such as spina bifida are at an increased risk of suffering dangerous reactions to natural rubber latex, Office Corporate has sourced latex-free medical face masks.  
  • Fibreglass-free: In addition to being latex-free, we also stock fiberglass free mask options. Fiberglass can cause skin irritation, and serious reactions such as difficulty breathing and seeing. Office Corporate brings you fibreglass-free options for better comfort, a no risk of a fiber-glass allergy reaction.
  • Comfort for all-day performance: Wearing a mask can be uncomfortable at the best of times. Our flu mask options make you comfort a priority so that you can focus on the job without irritation and distraction. With comfortable ear loops and a soft, quality inside lining included in our masks, you will reap the benefits of choosing Office Corporate.

Making the most of your medical mask

It’s no secret that investing in a quality medical disposable mask is useless if it is not properly used. At Office Corporate, we want to ensure that your flu mask is optimally used so that you can reap the benefits of great protection.

Here are our top tips for the correct use of your medical-grade disposable face mask from Office Corporate:

  • Clean hands: The WHO recommends thoroughly cleaning your hands before touching your surgical face mask to ensure that the mask does not get contaminated. Utilise alcohol-based hand sanitisers or soap and water to cleanse your hands. When using alcohol-based hand sanitiser, hands should be cleaned for approximately 20 seconds, while when using soap and water to clean hands, hands should be scrubbed for a minimum of 40 seconds. Office Corporate offers a range of hand sanitizer products to fulfil this requirement perfectly.
  • A thorough inspection: A visual inspection of the face mask should be conducted before utilising the mask to ensure that there are no rips or tears in the mask. A small tear in the mask may render the mask useless in terms of protecting you from bacteria and external organisms.
  • Proper fit: While it may be easy to overlook the importance of the proper fit when putting on a mask in busy medical environments, the mask should be properly worn to ensure that there are no gaps between the mask as the face. Ensure that the metal strip on the surgical mask is at the top of the mask and that you bend the metal strip around the top of your nose for a secure fit.
  • Don’t touch your mask: To avoid contaminating your mask, touching the front of your mask is discouraged. Should adjustments be required to your mask while you are wearing it, touch the elastics of your mask to re-secure it. When removing the mask, this should also be completed by touching the elastics only with clean hands.

A world of top-notch PPE & medical disposable face masks

Now that you have stocked up on a quality disposable surgical face mask from Office Corporate, we want to introduce you to our comprehensive offering of PPE and hygiene supplies.

We stock an incredible variety of medical-grade cleaning, hygiene, and protective supplies including hand sanitiser, infrared forehead thermometers, sanitiser stands and dispensers, gloves, and microbial cleaning products. With our selection, we aim to be your one-stop online shop for superior safety and hygiene solutions.

What’s more, if you stock up on premium supplies with us, we give back. Office Corporate offers great discounts on bulk purchases and business rewards to ensure that we express our gratitude for your business. For every $10 spent with us, you earn a business reward point to be redeemed on our website for a range of gifts including appliances like coffee machines, wearable tech, premium devices, and more.

Businesses, medical practices, and individuals all across Australia choose Office Corporate to fulfil their PPE needs as well as their office furniture and stationery requirements. Join our customers in partnering with Office Corporate for quality solutions at affordable prices. We guarantee you won’t regret it.

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