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YS Designs is an office furniture manufacturer based in Australia and has been in the industry since 1992. YS Designs started out as an office chair manufacturer but has since then expanded its range and added commercial office furniture, workstations, and workstation pods to its inventory.

Why You Should Use YS Design Products

If you want pieces of office furniture in your workplace that are stylish, high in quality, and affordable, YS Designs has you covered. YS Design is able to create a large range of quality supplies in big quantities through innovative manufacturing and warehousing. So if you want a massive order and need it sooner, YSD will be able to do that.

YS Design’s head office is located in Silverwater, New South Wales. They also have warehouses in every state of Australia, making delivery anywhere in the country not only possible but also speedy. On top of that, they can also assist in installations and the like.

If you personally like to do physical shopping, you won’t have a hard time searching for YS furniture. YSD products can be found in most office product retailers all around Australia.

YS Designs products you can avail right now.

Here are some of the YSD items you can purchase at Office Corporate right now:

Office Chairs:

  • Miami I and II - Miami chairs are stylish, without having to compromise comfort. The Miami I has a medium back, while the Miami II has a larger feature. Both have adjustable seat heights, tension adjustments, and moulded foam seats, and breathable mesh backs.

  • Liberty - High-quality chair with a black mesh back, black upholstered seat, and an adjustable arm rest. The Liberty chair is designed to be a natural fit for the human body.

  • Alamo - The Alamo chairs are very neat and elegant looking. These are very affordable chairs as well, making it perfect for offices of many kinds who are keeping a tight budget. They come with grey mesh backs, black upholstered fabric seats, fixed arms, and adjustable lumber support.

  • Galaxy - Galaxy chairs are designed to be comfortable and impressive-looking. It has a high back feature with adjustable seat height. You may choose to add adjustable arms as they are optional.

  • Denmark - A medium back executive chair with 3D adjustable arms, adjustable seats, and adjustable lumber.

  • Vegas - Vegas executive chairs come with medium backs or high backs with headrests. It features tension adjustments, adjustable seat and back height, and adjustable arms. The Vegas executive chairs are perfect for those who appreciate the finer things in life.

  • XR8 - Modern-looking, high back chairs with adjustable seat height and padded fold back arms. It features a comfortable headrest perfect for longer durations of seating.

  • Titan - Similar to the mythological beings it’s named after, Titan chairs are very strong and sturdy. This chair is equipped with high-quality materials that will surely satisfy anybody’s needs. The chair can come with a medium or a high back feature. They come with PU leathers, adjustable seat height, and fixed padded arms.

  • Naples - Office chair that takes inspiration from sleek European designs. It comes with medium or high back features. 

  • Sabina - YS Design’s most popular chair. This fully ergonomic office chair is supported by a 3 lever mechanism, moulded seats and backs for extra support and comfort. This classic 24/7 chair is perfect for any kind of office.

Reception Furniture:

  • Leo Chair - Single seater chair with black PU leather and timber base and legs.

  • Sienna Range - Sienna Range chairs come in single, two, or three-seaters. Its steel chrome external frame makes it more sturdy than other reception chairs.

Other Pieces of YSD Furniture

  • Client chair

  • Stacking chair

  • Massage chair

  • Straight desk

  • Drawer box

  • Corner workstation

  • Meeting table

  • Boat conference

  • Reception counter

These are just some of the many YSD office furniture you can purchase. These products are perfect for any kind of office or workplace environment. And they’re not only essentials but they can add to your overall design and atmosphere.

Why shop at Office Corporate

Office Corporate is an Australian-owned business that has been delivering office and educational supplies to a wide array of Australian establishments for over 20 years. If you sign up today, you’ll receive nothing less of high-quality items and superb customer service.

The supplies you’ll find at Office Corporate are not only noteworthy for their top quality but also for their reasonable prices.

Office Corporate has always ensured to only work with brands that can provide high-quality items that aren’t too heavy on the budget. YS Design fits this bill perfectly. Should you need to fully pack your office with durable, elegant, and affordable furniture, YS Designs, together with Office Corporate, will make sure you get exactly what you need.

Do you feel like you can get these items elsewhere for a lower price? We guarantee that you won’t. If you happen to stumble upon a lower-priced listing of an item we also sell, give us a message. We have a service called the Price Beat Promise. If we can verify your query, we will sell that very same product to you at a 2% lower price. This is our way of letting you know that we want nothing more than to provide our customers with the most affordable option they can find on the market.

Order the item your office or workspace needs today and you can expect it to arrive at your doorstep with our express delivery service. No matter where you are in Australia, we will make sure that the item reaches you as soon as possible. You’ll never have to leave the comforts of your home/office.

With Office Corporate, you get your most wanted affordable option, your convenience is considered, and the supplies you’ll receive are incredible and long-lasting. Look no further and shop at Office Corporate, whether it’s office supply needs, educational materials, or workspace decorations, you’ll find it all here at Office Corporate.

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