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The Xstamper and The Company Behind It

The company behind Xstamper has been in the stamp-making industry for almost a century, which is incredibly admirable and impressive to consider. The Xstamper itself was born in 1964, but Shachihata has been around since 1925. They started as ink chemists and stamp pad manufacturers for years until they finally added the Xstamper to their inventory.

The Xstamper was created when the company’s research and development department aimed to create a more durable rubber marker nib. In one of their experiments, they found that when salt is added into an experimental rubber compound, it resulted in the most durable pre-inked stamps ever made. The cellular rubber that got birthed of this experiment is the Xstamper that we know today.

Xstampers today are available in over 80 countries. The company itself is now a multi-million dollar operation that includes more than nine facilities and has nearly 2,000 employees worldwide.

Types of Xstamper stamps

Xstamper offers a wide array of stamps for businesses of any kind. These stamps are made of high-quality rubber so it can hold up to oil-based inks without deteriorating. Its ergonomic design lets it be a beautiful addition to your desk as well. Xstamper stamps are useful and they can also look elegant. The soft grips on the stamps make it comfortable for constant and frequent use, other than making the stamp as a whole look much more stylish.

The following are the different kinds of stamps Xstamper has to offer:

  • Pre-inked stamps - Pre-inked stamps hold ink within its own ink-saturated dye. This virtually eliminates the need for a stamp pad to make it work.
  • Self-inking stamps - Self-inking stamps are one of the most common types of stamps and almost every independent stamp manufacturer sells it. This type of stamp has a special mount that is equipped with a built-in ink pad and spring mechanism. What this does is it automatically re-ink the dye every time after it is used.
  • Steel stamps - Stamps created for rugged environments. This type of stamp is also highly ideal if the stamp is more regularly used than usual. Its heavy-duty construction and precise components allow these stamps to have smoother and quieter action.
  • Plastic stamps - These economical stamps are more lightweight than other stamps but they still maintain a reasonably durable hardware. Plastic stamps are designed and engineered for easier usage despite being used frequently.
  • Traditional stamps - Traditional stamps are popular for their lower price and comfortable transport. Traditional stamps are generally quicker to ship compared to other stamps so customers choose to purchase this when the need is urgent. The ink pads are a little messier and provide a little inconvenience compared to newer types of stamps. 
  • Photopolymer stamps - This kind of stamp uses liquid photopolymer inks which are less expensive. A hard sheet clear photopolymer is used as a master when just one design is required to be mass-produced.

Pre-engraved Xstamper stamps at Office Corporate

The following are the pre-engraved words on Xstamper stamps you can purchase at Office Corporate today.

  • Private & Confidential
  • Copy
  • Faxed
  • Paid
  • E-mailed
  • Completed
  • Entered
  • Received
  • Received w/ space for date
  • Approved
  • Credit
  • Approved For Payment
  • Checked
  • Checked By:
  • Scanned
  • Scanned w/ space for date
  • Certified A True Copy
  • Completed/Date/By
  • Confirmed
  • File
  • Draft
  • File Copy
  • Original
  • Not Negotiable
  • Overdue
  • Entered w/ space for date
  • Faxed
  • Faxed w/ space for date
  • Invoiced
  • Entered/Date/By
  • Posted
  • Urgent
  • This Account Is Now Overdue
  • Superseded
  • Sent
  • Received/Date/By


Xstamper ink refills are also available at Office Corporate.

Should you choose to have a personalized custom Xstamper stamp of your own, Xstamper and Office Corporate would be more than happy to accommodate your needs. Make sure you reach out to us so when can talk about what you need.

Why you should shop at Office Corporate

Office Corporate has worked with trusted brands that manufacture reliable, durable, and affordable supplies for over 20 years. We have delivered to multiple industries and have maintained a good and healthy working relationship with our clients.

We make sure that the manufacturers we work with are the best in Australia to make sure we can provide the best supplies to our customers. Xstamper’s vast experience in the industry, along with its incredible products makes the brand one of the best in the business, and that’s why you can find their items at Office Corporate.

Our customer service is as impeccable as the items we sell. Should you want to inquire about a specific product, if you want to have a custom-engraved Xstamper stamp, don’t hesitate to make use of the customer-service section on our website. We’ll get someone who can help you with your queries to make sure you’ll end up getting exactly what you need.

We have mentioned that we make sure our products are not only reliable, but also affordable. Our Price Beat Promise is a testament to that statement. If you ever stumble upon the same item we have sold by a competitor at a lower price, give us a message. We will verify your findings and sell you that very same item at a lower price. More specifically, we will sell that very same item to you for 2% cheaper.

Order what you need today and our express shipping service will make sure that you get your item in a matter of days no matter where you are in Australia. You won’t even have to leave your home if you want to purchase a reliable and affordable product at Office Corporate. Your convenience is a priority here.

Purchase your Xstamper supplies at Office Corporate today. Stamps are an essential addition to any office. Make sure you and the people in your office who need it are equipped with this handy little item.


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