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Whitelines was founded in January 2006 by three friends in Stockholm with one ambition: to make a contribution to a better world, no matter how small.

The means to this end was a simple but very effective idea – a new kind of writing paper which, through its remarkable clarity, could support everyone’s writing, drawing and thinking. Why not take one of the mainstays of everyday life and improve it? Whitelines is today based in Stockholm, Sweden, working to support your ideas for the future.

Whitelines makes notebooks, notepads, drawing paper, spiral notebooks and writing pads with white lines.

Founders: Carl-Philippe Carr, Roland Erlander & Olof Hansson

Whitelines pitch

Whitelines – Makes your notes stand out.

White lines are easy on the eye and make your notes stand out.

Dark lines distract, white lines don´t.

The idea is simple. Dark lines distract, white lines don´t. On Whitelines your drawing and writing stands out since there is no visual interference between the lines and the pen marks.

Whitelines App automatically scans your notes and makes them easy to save and share.

Whitelines App is a free smartphone app that together with Whitelines paper makes it super easy to save or share your note in a way you like. Download it from App Store or Google Play. Let the app and the paper see each other and the rest will happen automatically.


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