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In 1905, pharmacist August Fischer acquired the small Ludwig Hoerth chemicals plant (founded 1884) in Bühl. At the time he did not yet know that he would soon make a discovery that would result in his company becoming one of the most famous adhesive manufacturers in the world.
In 1932 came the crucial innovation, when August Fischer developed the world's first ready-to-use, transparent artificial resin adhesive. It reliably bonded all materials known at the time, even the first plastics such as Bakelit®. As was common in the paper, office supplies and stationery industry, he chose the name of a bird for his new product: "UHU The All Purpose Adhesive".

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UHU is now a famous brand for paper and all-purpose adhesives in many countries around the world.  

A high standard of quality allows our products to remain reliable, long-lasting and safe, both in terms of manufacturing and use. The majority of our products are manufactured in Germany and the Netherlands, in factories that are located in immediate proximity to city centres. For this reason, sustainability is an important topic.

UHU will also continue to meet the demanding expectations of its consumers and offer innovative solutions that make the use of adhesives simple, and therefore safe. True to the slogan:

Glues anything, anytime

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