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A Stylish Range Of ergonomic solutions and chairs

When working at an optimum and driving towards your destination - you can always rely on Sylex office chairs to comfortably get you there.

Sylex Ergonomic Chair, the perfect fit for your offices

With a desire to see you have a successful and comfortable work environment, we have pulled together aesthetic features that promote the values your office shares. Sylex Ergonomics Chairs provides you with that perfect sensation pleasant to the sight and delightful to the heart. The wide range of our products is designed to suit your needs, fitting into any work environment, including receptions, education, among others.

Our classic and affordable Sylex chairs supply you with the maximum comfort you can always crave for, connecting you with the blissful world of technology. No doubts with Sylex, you can work play and play work, with no fears.

Furniture's speak volume, Sylex speaks it with class

Our company has invested over forty decades in ensuring your office spaces reflects you and your functional values. Our unique pieces of office furniture borne out of style and extraordinary expertise gives your room quality and loud voice than any other with a touch of style and class to provide that ideal work environment.

Our collection is designed to help you work through furniture tailored to your style and needs. Still thinking of the chairs to do the magic and have more excellent results in terms of efficiency, establishing a secure connection between people and machines? Look no further.  The Sylex office chairs are always coming through in a bespoke style so you can have a positive work environment with a royal feel. 

Not leaving us the carefully and beautifully designed Sylex Ergonomic chairs with the exceptional touch of creativity from our talented hands. With this world-class, affordable service, your offices should have classy furniture you deserve.

Find the correct furniture for your offices

Furniture is often considered to be the centrepiece of any organization or business space. Your workspace should not be left out with the Sylex Ergonomic chairs. This furniture piece improves the ambience of your workplace with a relaxing atmosphere for work. Since furniture is essential in promoting a collaborative work environment, we work directly with our manufacturers to solve all problems, including the ones that might arise as a result of workspace interaction.

Being a company with over forty years of experience, we provide the best hands to deliver quality and exceptional furniture & quality office chairs pieces to fit any office environment. As a client, we give you professional details that support your comfort and enjoyment, integrating you and your machines with your office. We work round the clock at our offices in New Zealand and Australia. With our Sylex Chairs, your unique office experience is guaranteed. We serve it just right, the way you want it.

Why Sylex should be your first choice of furniture

'First impressions last' is a saying that is yet to grow old. For your offices and workspaces, furniture can project your organization's identity and background. This is precisely the service we render to our clients at Sylex. Our stylish Sylex Ergonomic Chairs have comfortable back support and allows for smooth movement within the workspace. It also aids performance and creativity by workers.

When you keep your furniture stylish and ergonomic, it makes workers enjoy their work environment and have a feel of proper care. The Sylex office chairs crafted by our brilliant minds with gifted hands provides you with unique work experience with your gadgets. Also at sylex, we make it a point of duty to satisfy our clients by giving your office and workspace regardless of space and cost, a facelift to the delight of eyes with elegant pieces of furniture.

A perfect blend of our classic and contemporary furniture provides room for versatility with a touch of stylishness to give that lasting impression.

Brand your company credibility with Stylex

Stylex was set up to give your workspaces and offices that classy atmosphere that can create a real idea about your company's brand in the market. Our Sylex office chairs are just right for your spaces in creating a good impression to your clients. How more exciting can it be when visitors and shareholders visit your workspace and won't stop talking about it to every person they come across? Fascinating it is as they consciously or unconsciously promote your identity and values, which is an essential part of branding.

Ergonomically designed chairs always project a versatile image and our Sylex Ergonomic chairs are not left behind. An excellent investment you can have or make for your office and workspace today is to acquire our stylish and cosy furniture pieces. While putting into top consideration what best suits your business need, Sylex proffers you with possible solutions.

How your furniture pieces speak about you

We know it and you should too. Great furniture pieces in an office increase the performance and productivity of workers. Beyond that, not only does the furniture choices enhance work and benefit the users of the workplace, it also helps the organization by giving it an improved image and outlook.

This is the major reason why we at Sylex have invested several years into making your ideas a reality and guiding you through your furniture journey alongside decision making. Not only can you count on us for ergonomically designed chairs, but you can also shop with us for furniture ranging from tables to stools for all kinds of offices and organizations.

We also deliver a mix of exquisitely designed Sylex office chairs to create a user-friendly and hospitable atmosphere that supports work and promotes healthy interaction between humans and technology. All of this is provided in a bid to give your office and workspace the classy and professional look it deserves, accommodating air and a business-friendly environment.  

 At Sylex, we make it our point of duty to present you with furniture pieces that will enhance the right image of your company and ace your reputation in influencing others in the outside world.


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