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If you need to stock your office or working space at home with durable storage spaces, Steelco is the place you can rely on. Steelco Online is an Australian Company that specializes in steel office furniture.

Buy Your Steel Furniture At Steelco Online in Australia

Steelco was founded in 1991 and has since become the leading provider of steel office furniture in the Australian market. The company is known for its innovation and was the first to introduce the Anti-Tilt system and Knock Down to its cabinets.

The company was also the first one to get an AFRDI approval for their Filing Cabinet range, meaning their items have been officially tested and proven to be sturdy and reliable.

If you need to purchase steel furniture in bulk, Steelco has several manufacturing facilities that can provide quality products in massive quantities. No matter how few or how many you will end up needing, you can always count on Steelco to provide you with quality products that are built to last and to be safe.

Steelco and Office Corporate work together because Steelco isn’t only a place where you can get safe and robust office furniture, but also very affordable ones. You don’t need to spend a fortune to make sure you have quality office storage units.

What you can get at Steelco

Steelco has a variety of items that can help turn your office into a beautiful, organized, and safe working space. Here are the following items you can get at Steelco:

  1. Lockers

Steelco lockers offer secure storage and come in different sizes and configurations. Here are the different types of lockers that you can get at Steelco. 

  • Steel locker - Economical lockers. These are the most popular choice of lockers as they fit many kinds of environments.

  • Heavy-duty school locker - Long-lasting and durable steel locker, most popularly used in universities. This locker can withstand regular use for longer periods.

  • Personnel wardrobe - A storage space that provides hanging spaces and adjustable shelf storage.

  • Heavy-duty plastic lockers - This type of locker is water-resistant and UV proof, which makes them suitable for both indoor and outdoor areas.

  • ABS plastic locker - This lightweight locker is perfect for areas exposed to regular moisture and humidity. Despite its lightweight feature, this locker is durable and resistant to many foreign factors that may cause breakages such as water and scratch.

  • Phone and keys locker - Phone and keys lockers are specifically made for storing smaller items such as phones, tablets, wallets, and keys. Ideal for schools, offices, and public spaces.

  1. Filing Cabinets

Steelco Filing Cabinets are equipped with anti-tilt drawers and secure locking mechanisms. Each cabinet comes with 2, 3, or 4 drawers.

  • Lateral filing cabinet - This type of filing cabinet is more shallow than your average one, which makes it ideal for smaller spaces.

  • Vertical filing cabinet - This heavy-duty cabinet is the perfect addition to any kind of working space. These strong cabinets come with a quality powder-coated finish to make sure this piece of furniture matches your office’s professional atmosphere.

  1. Cabinets

Steelco cabinets exceptionally crafted. They don’t only provide a strong area for storage and other things, they’re also designed to look well and match your office design.

  • Tambour cabinet

This stylish-looking cabinet comes with retractable doors as to not hinder walkways and other spaces. Its customizable design is perfect for any office.

This multipurpose cabinet is the perfect place to file and store files, documents, and other important papers. This comes with adjustable shelves.

  • Plan cabinet

Ideal for storing and protecting paramount documents, papers, and other similar items. Drawers are sturdy enough to store A0 size materials.

  • Multimedia cabinet

The perfect cabinet for all media-related files. This cabinet is equipped with a secure locking mechanism to ensure safety and protection.

Sturdy and eye-pleasing bookcase, perfect for shelving a range of items.

4. Mobile pedestals

These handy little drawers are perfect for providing extra storage spaces while adding an aesthetic design to your work station.

  • Trimline mobile caddy

This mobile pedestal is perfect to place under your desk or in a shared workspace.

  • Slimline mobile pedestal

It’s not as big as your average office cabinet, but it gets the job done. This 300mm wide mobile pedestal can fit any office and workstation.

  • Trimline mobile pedestal

A smaller version of the average pedestal, perfect for smaller workspaces.

  • Classic mobile pedestal

Your go-to compact file storage area. This can be placed beside or under your desk.

5. Chairs

The chairs you’ll find at Steelco don’t only look good and stylish, but also incredibly strong and reliable. These chairs are perfect additions to commercial places, educational institutions, among many others.

  • Adam chairs

Adam chairs have fabric or plastic seats and backs and come in multiple colors. They are durable and the materials do not wear easily.

  • Curve chair

A lightweight chair that is extremely comfortable to sit on. Also made of fabric and plastic.

  • Ace chair

Ace chairs are sturdier types of chairs. Steelco ace chairs are AFRDI approved.

Shop Steelco products at Office Corporate

Make sure your office or workstation is filled with necessary materials for productivity and safety with Steelco, and get your Steelco items at nowhere but Office Corporate.

Office Corporate has been in the office supplies business for 20 years and our brand is as trustworthy and strong as the Steelco products we provide. You won’t even need to leave the comforts of your home should you decide to purchase the items you need today. Just pick out the supplies you need and we’ll have it delivered right at your doorstep in just a few days.

Do you think you can find these products cheaper elsewhere? Prove it! If you can find a place that sells the same items we do at a cheaper price, our Price Beat Promise service lets you purchase that very same item from us for 2% cheaper, and that’s a guarantee!

Look no further. With Steelco’s reliable and gorgeous looking supplies and our service, you won’t find a better supplier in Australia. So shop now and make sure your office is well equipped and good looking.

Office Corporate proudly stock, supply and intstall a wide range of Steelco products  - available to help transform any office, home or shed instantly into an organised, clean and friendly environment. 

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