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It is unimaginable for the world to be without adhesives. And for the modern world to miss out on Sellotape adhesive tapes? It would have been such a huge loss. Its diversity and convenience have been a huge help that would be revealed as you read along.

That is why, since 1938, Sellotapes Australia has been dedicated to making quality adhesive tapes and accessories for you to have a fast, easy and cost-efficient solution to your construction needs.

Then, what is it about adhesive tapes?

A Short Background on Sellotape Adhesive Tapes

Sellotape ​Adhesives have been proven to be useful, convenient, and cost-effective time and again. It’s the reason why humanity continues to make use of its stickiness since the time of Neanderthals; that’s about 200,000 years ago.

Oh, and did you know other animals use it too? It’s the reason why lizards can climb up the walls. Think about those droplets along the silk of a spider’s web... those are glue! It traps the insects that walk on it.

Now, what about the plants? Oh yes, carnivorous plants especially. Their leaves produce adhesives to protect themselves, catch or digest their prey, and collect pollen.

But then, these animals and plants produce adhesives that are efficient. We, humans, not so. That’s why we need to determine where we can find adhesives and how to obtain them. Neanderthals have experimented on fire and tar from birch bark using what knowledge and materials they have in their time; later, they switched from the simplest to the more complex methods.

By the dawn of civilization, adhesives were improved upon. Early Egyptians have produced collagen-based glue, which has been used for their painting and construction needs. The presence of animal-based adhesives has spread out to Ancient Greece and Rome, China, and other continents.

As humanity moved towards the modern age, different forms and varieties of adhesives emerged. It’s usefulness and efficiency long proved to be too convenient to be wasted away. That’s why there’s a technology dedicated to it: Adhesive Technology.

We now have strong and flexible forms of adhesives.

What is a Sellotape Adhesive & Sticky Tape?

An adhesive Sticky tape is among the many forms of adhesives present today. It has different types for different uses. And it’s diversity continues to grow!

A sticky tape is made through applying a pressure-sensitive adhesive on to the surface of a backing (plastic film, cloth, paper, etc.), then rolled into a giant and long tape, and lastly, split into small rolled strips of tape. How narrow or wide it is, solely depends on its use and demand.

How is an Adhesive Tape better than Glue?

These are the reasons why people often choose sticky tapes over glue as a solution to their construction problems, and why you should too:

  • Quick and Easy

There’s almost no waiting time for you because adhesives tapes don’t need to be cured at all and it bonds immediately. There’s also less to nothing for you to clean up after because it is uniform in strength and thickness. You’ll only need a tape dispenser or scissors to cut at the desired length.

  • Versatile and Cost-Efficient

There are different types of Sellotape sticky tapes and it continues to grow to accommodate the increasing awareness of aesthetics and other construction problems. It helps you save tons of money because you wouldn’t have to use nails and other tools that damage your walls and furniture.

What’s the Type of Sticky Tape you need from Sellotape?

It is largely important to determine what your exact needs are and what materials you’d like to bond because it would help you determine the right adhesive tape to buy.

To help you with that, here are some of the different types of adhesive tapes and when to use them:

  • Basic Adhesive Tapes

The most common and the least expensive type.  Usually transparent, these tapes are used for wrapping gifts, securing papers on the walls, and other purposes. TIts varieties are as follows: invisible tape, sticky tape, and double-sided tape.

  • Packaging Tapes

Perfect for sealing boxes and packages for when you’re shipping or moving out. Or simply keeping your belongings safe for storage. Here are the three types of packaging tapes:

  • Hot-Melt

 A synthetic rubber packaging tape. It is flexible, durable, and tear-resistant, which makes it highly reliable for sealing and packing. It yellows over time but if you need a packaging tape with exceptional adhesion strength, look no further.

  • Acrylic

A water-based tape packaging tape. It is an excellent all-arounder that can be used on many surfaces: wood, plastic, glass, etc. It has ultra-violet sensitivity, which makes it resistant to yellowing and temperature. If you’re looking into having a clean finish for your packaging, this will easily become your favorite.

  • Natural Rubber

A solvent-based packaging tape. It is the most cost-effective among the three because it immediately creates a strong and lasting bond on uneven surfaces and remains very aggressive even in high temperatures; therefore, it is highly suitable for long term sealing, cold and export packaging. 

  • Masking Tapes 

Versatile and lightweight, masking tape can be used from labelling items to masking areas that should not be painted. It has a strong adhesive strength that can be a solution to your lightweight construction or project needs; however, it leaves a residue, which may not be best if you want a clean finish.

Don’t worry, there’s a tape for that: Painter’s tape. It’s a variety of masking tape because it’s also made from a paper backing. Unlike a masking tape, it is usually blue or green in color because these are the colors that do stand out. It also doesn’t leave a residue because it has a weaker adhesive strength; you can leave this tape for up to 14 days only. The convenience of this tape makes it more expensive than masking tape. But it’ll be worth it.

  • Cloth Tapes

For heavy-duty. Its backing can either be cloth or fabric making it durable; heat, weather, and abrasion-resistant. If you need a strong and powerful tape that leaves no adhesive residue, this is the type of tape you’re looking for. Here are some varieties of cloth tape:

  • Duct Tapes

Usually in silver, but it is available in different colors to help you with your construction and aesthetic needs. It is moisture and water-resistant, which is perfect for sealing, covering holes, and repairs.  Despite its incredible adhesive power, you don’t have to use scissors to cut it at the desired length; that’s why it has become a favorite among people who are into survival and creative activities, such as wrapping a sprained ankle to creating a tote bag!

  • Gaffer Tapes

It’s more heat resistant with a matte finish. And because it’s a variety of duct tape, there’s also no need for cutting tools. It is generally used by entertainment and bookbinding industries to secure and conceal cables from the camera or in concerts. However, it’s marketed for professionals and produced in smaller quantities making it expensive.

  • Electrical Tapes

It is non-conductive, durable and flexible making it perfect for cable management. What makes electrical tapes interesting is that every color represents the wire’s voltage level and phase. Want to prevent a short circuit? Choose the black electrical tape.

  • Mounting Tapes 

A strong and double-sided foam used for hanging purposes. It is a safe alternative to screws or nails. Unlike Cloth Tapes, there are mounting tapes that leave adhesive residues and cause surface damage. Always make sure to pick a removal mounting tape if you don’t want any of that.

Get Sellotape Sticky Tapes at Office Corporate in Australia

Office Corporate has been in the business of making the best quality products available to the market while tending to Australian businesses. We have been doing so for over 20 years and this experience has made us get to know not only the Australian businesses but also the market.

Other than businesses, we have also tended to places of learning and individuals. We make sure that the products that reach them are strong, reliable, high-quality, and affordable.

If you’re looking into securing your packages or mounting floating shelves, we’ve got Sellotape sticky tapes & adhesives to ensure you get the best one you exactly need at the lowest price. Sellotape is one of those brands you can absolutely rely on to deliver high-quality products, which is why Office Corporate is more than happy to provide their items to our customers.

Here at Office corporate, we have the Price Beat Promise. If you find a cheaper Sellotape Australia item elsewhere, we will give it to you 2% cheaper once verified. So don’t miss out on quality adhesives and accessories today!

If you sign up with us, we can assist you—on-demand—in everything else that you need to get your project done smoothly.  If you like, you can have it delivered wherever you are in Australia.

We also have instant rewards and business rewards programs you can join in.

View the full Sellotape range here: 

  • Sellotape sticky tapes
  • Invisible Tape
  • Double Sided & Mounting Tape
  • Craft Dots
  • Decorative
  • Desktop Dispensers
  • Packaging Tape

Want Sellotape delivered promptly anywhere in Australia, look no further, Office Corporate delivers Sellotape sticky tapes all over Australia Fast & Free* 

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