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If you often feel the need to unleash your creativity, you will need the proper set of art materials to fully realize your art. Reeves is a brand that will help you explore your creative nature and allow you to create the beautiful art you’ve always wanted to create.

Why Go For Reeves Paint, Oil, Acrylic and Watercolour

Reeves has always been passionate about art and artists. They have been so throughout their long history. Reeves has produced innovative and creative art materials for artists of different kinds. The company has a wide array of art paint set materials that can be perfectly used by crafters, hobbyists, and artists of all ages. On top of everything else they provide, Reeves is the world’s leading supplier of Paint by Numbers and Scraper Foils.

Different Rnage of Reeves Paint Sets

Here are the following Reeves paints you can avail at Office Corporate:

  • Reeves Fine Paint

Reeves’ well-known Fine Paint is an extremely versatile material. They come in a variety of colours and they’re highly pigmented. They are also very flexible in their dry state and can be easily cleaned up using water. This makes it perfect for those who are still learning art and even for experienced artists who require this liberty for massive projects.

  • Reeves Poster Paint

Poster paints allow you to create electrifying displays of vibrant colors in your art creations. This particular type of paint needs no other solvents. Just use water and you should be ready to be creative.

This type of Reeves paint set is perfect for students, those who are new in the world of art, and for those who want to see their imaginations come to life before fully realizing it.

  • Reeves Acrylic Paint

Reeves acrylic paints are the perfect materials to use to create pigment-rich artworks. The water-based colour of this paint will stick to virtually any surface.

Reeves has put together the perfect combination of swatch and colours in an ultimate acrylic set that comes in 50 colours and 3 different sizes. You can simply choose the colour palette that suits your art style best.

  • Soft Pastel

The efficiency of the soft pastel has been proven and tested since the Renaissance. This material’s versatility, depth of colour, and practicality make this art material a necessary tool for every artist.

You can sharpen your creative edge and create gorgeous, playful, and colourful artworks wherever you go. Soft pastels go perfectly with textured paper or card.

  • Reeves Watercolour Paint

The Watercolour Paint is one of the oldest ways to paint. Despite its early nature, it remains one of the most popular and sought-after ways of creating art for its subtle and robust outcome. Watercolour based artworks usually look more vibrant and artsy especially for school art material.

Watercolour, as the name implies, is a paint made up of colour pigment mixed with water. Watercolours come in a comprehensive range of colours and can be applied on watercolour paper or canvas board.

  • Reeves Oil Paint

Once you start using oil paints, you’ll never turn back. Oil paints are used by experienced artists and is considered to be the ultimate colour medium. Infinitely versatile oils are marvelously mixed and dried slowly to allow on-canvas blending, among other pro techniques.

Reeves oil panits use only the most excellent pigment. They are suspended in oil, just waiting to be used to create vibrant landscapes and portraits to life. These oil paints are easily mixed and blended using solvents like turpentine or white spirit.

  • Reeves Pencils

Reeves pencils are tipped with quality and strong leads so you can create the hardest edges and do freestyle shading without worrying about breakage. These perfect for sketching, drawing, scribbling, and colouring.

Reeves brushes are designed to work perfectly with many different materials such as oil, acrylic, or watercolour. These are made from the highest quality and most durable materials. They come in round and flat brushes so you can create anything you want without being limited.

  • Reeves Paint Knives

Paint knives can be used so you can fully control the colours you use when creating your artworks. Paint knives can go hand-in-hand with brushes. Having both really gives you the liberty of creating more diverse pieces.

  • Reeves Canvas

The surface you place your art on is just as important as the paints and pencils you use to create it. Reeves canvases are made of 100% cotton, they are acid-free, and double primed. This is the surface you need to fully realize the art you formulate on your mind. Whether you prefer using oil, acrylic, or stroking with brushes or palette knives, this surface will hold your artwork firmly.

 Shop at Office Corporate for your every Reeves Art Materials needs

You can browse through a wide array of Reeves paints at Office Corporate. We have always loved and opted to work with brands that are reliable and have supplies that are both top-notch and very easy on the budget. With Reeves and Office Corporate, you can surely purchase the high-quality art materials you need without having to break your finances.

Office Corporate has catered and delivered to different Australian businesses of over 20 years. If there’s one thing we care about, it’s customer satisfaction. We make sure that the supplies you end up buying here are durable and affordable, and we make sure they reach you in a timely manner. With our express delivery service, you can simply stay at home and we’ll have the items delivered right to you.

You won’t find a more affordable option than shopping at Office Corporate. If you think you can find a different source that sells a similar item we do at a lower price, then let us know. Our Price Beat Promise service ensures that you get that very same item with a 2% discount once we validate your request.

Fulfill your creative desires today and equip yourself with the proper set of Reeves art materials. You’ll receive high-quality and durable supplies with Reeves and you’ll get them all here at Office Corporate.

As an authorised reseller of the REEVES brand - you can trust Office Corporate to deliver all of your REEVES products, on time, on budget - Australia wide.

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