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Office corporate is an authorized Rapidline dealer. Rapidline is a premium, commercial office furniture range that has been designed and developed over the years to offer quality and comfort in office furniture & workstations.

We at office corporate are committed to offering our retail customers a product selection wide enough to furnish a whole office requirement, available "off the shelf" for rapid delivery. All Rapidline office furniture is selected from Sedex compliant factories around the globe and is supported by full commercial warranties.

Rapidline office furniture

Are you concerned that your aging Rapidline office furniture gives a bad first impression to visiting clients? Do you think your workplace could do with new furniture that makes employees feel more comfortable and productive? At Office Corporate office chairs & accessories and furniture, we're proud to stock an impressive selection of Rapidline office furniture that can meet your needs.

Our specialists will work closely with you to understand and accommodate the specific requirements of your workplace environment and recommend suitable options. From comfortable visitor chairs and stylish executive Rapidline chairs through to height adjustable desks and reception furniture, we have everything your workplace needs to achieve its full potential.

Furnx commercial furniture & Rapidline Furniture Equals Superb Offices

Nowadays, more and more people are waking up to reality. That is the offices need to look stylish and attractive to make an impression on the visitors, business clients etc. Gone are those days when companies did not pay much attention to what the office looked like. Now, the globalization of industries has led the people to realize that they need to revamp and beautify their offices. People nowadays on entering an office often feel somewhat intimidated by its grandeur. And furniture plays a very important role in finishing its looks. These days, professionals are hired to decorate offices and furnish them. Interior designers are specializing in office designing and furnishing. Rapidline office furniture companies are also manufacturing new lines of corporate Furnx commercial furniture for the specific purpose of furnishing offices.

Rapidline office furniture is available from different reputed brands all over the world. From sit stand desks, tables, file cabinets, computer tables, bookshelves for individual cubicles or an entire conference hall, to plush comfortable, and stylish sofas for lounges to other kinds of attractive furniture, one can choose from a wide variety of Furnx commercial furniture. The furniture manufacturers these days are emphasizing more on high-end contemporary styling of the simple day-to-day furniture like tables and chairs and adding a more corporate look-and-feel to it.

There is also scope for customization. You can instruct manufacturers to design Furnx commercial furniture the way you want them, to go with the office decor and reflect upon your personality and aesthetic senses as well. The industrial boom has made way for all the big corporate firms wanting to make their offices look gorgeous, and this trend has given impetus to the rapid growth of the office furniture industry. And with the increase in scope, a sure growth rate, and a high-profit margin, the Rapidline furniture manufacturers have also invested more in office furniture thus making our offices look more beautiful than ever.  

For more information, visit our whole office furniture online. We offer a variety of Furnx commercial furniture, including rapid office furniture, and desks.             

Modern Rapidline Office Furniture - Fitting For the New Millennium

Furthermore, people today, in general, are more aware of their health and are looking for modern Rapidline furniture and equipment that is more ergonomic chairs. As a result, manufacturers are trying to come up with commercial quality office furniture, seating and other items as well, that cannot only withstand prolonged daily use but is conducive to helping people to do their work more comfortably and safely while paying attention to body posture and good health. To accomplish this, manufacturers of modern office furniture have studied the human form and the constant work-related movements of people working in offices over prolonged periods and are designing chairs, tables, and desks accordingly.

Another fact of businesses today is that they are constantly in flux. They may be expanding, moving locations, or simply reconfiguring. With this in mind, modern office furniture must be adaptable. Many manufacturers are designing their furniture and equipment with this in mind and are making Furnx commercial furniture more modular. It means that pieces of furniture and cabinetry can be intermingled and reconfigured along with any changes that may be made within the office. Furthermore, many companies that specialize in modern office furniture have lines, with add-ons that will expand and grow along with your company.

Since the needs of offices differ depending on the type of business, there are extensive offerings available as far as Furnx commercial furniture. For modern computer furniture, there are large selections of workstations, stands, and carts to cater to any businesses from the largest corporation to the smallest company, to the home office.

Furnx commercial furniture

As for storage, there is sleek space-saving cabinetry, as well as bookcases available in any size you could need with the maximum roominess. For the conference rooms or training rooms, there is an extensive selection out there of large conference tables ranging from fine woods to sleek metal and glass. For reception areas, you can find an array of modern looking functional reception desks as well as comfortable, stylish couches and chairs for the lobby area.

Whether you are looking to design a private executive suite or a large-scale office area, if you do your research, you can easily find reasonably priced, comfortable, and stylish rapidline office furniture that will meet all your office requirements. 

The product is only part of the story – Rapidline or Furnx commercial furniture is supported by:

  • Privately-owned and managed distribution centres across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.

  • Design and Layout Service

  • National Customer Service Teams

Office Corporate supply, distribute and install the full range of Rapidline products including office furniture, desk chair, Mesh chair, executive office furniture across Australia.

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