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Rainbow Paper, A4 and Books

The Rainbow Paper brand is a comprehensive range of paper products, supplies and Rainbow Paper brand philosophy is of continued improvement in quality, range, innovation and environmental sustainability. Aussies throw their own spin on the ancient Japanese art form of Origami by dropping the Ori and replacing it with the Aussie colloquial - Ora! Fact: More Australians search for Ora-gami than the correctly named Ori-gami.

So whether making Ori or Ora – you can make it with Rainbow Paper - the perfect oragami paper for your next oragami project and great for making a personalised card that signifies so much more than a generic store brought one!

Make the day a little bit brighter with Office Rainbow Papers

Here at Office Corporate, we are constantly striving to bring you fun and imaginative options to round out your office or classroom selections. One vendor we’re especially proud to partner with is Rainbow Paper, an Australian-based specialty paper & craft supply company that leads the market in education and art & craft paper products while maintaining an innovative approach to vibrant standard and specialty paper products.  

Rainbow Paper’s cover paper is easily repurposed into crafts materials. Any kinder, primary or secondary school teacher will find Rainbow Paper’s supplies essential to their classroom, and the wide variety of colours and styles serve every classroom need. Whether it be crafts for a beginner - like making a frog from gloss kinder squares or something a little more challenging like making your own wearable cellophane 3D glasses – you can be sure to rely on Rainbow.

Rainbow office paper & A4 papers ordered online and delivered to you door – Fuss Free

We supply and deliver a diverse range of products designed to satisfy any office, classroom or craft need. With all the resources to make sure you get exactly what you are after like the “What Paper is Right For Me” guide  helping you determine exactly what product will meet your needs, with selections that are some of the highest quality and  reasonably priced coloured paper in the market today. The office paper  range is available in a variety of pastel and neon shades, fitting any colour-coded or organisational scheme you need. A3 and A4 size options are available to match your printing and copying needs. Beyond ordinary office paper, Rainbow Paper’s cover paper options provide a market leading range of vibrant colours. From scorching reds to beautiful blues you’ll be sure to find a perfect colour solution for certificates, cover sheets, and special mailings. Don’t be a plain Jane and stand out from the crowd with a heavy 125gsm paper that is durable, printable & most importantly worthy of your massage!  

If making that class movie more interactive and fun is something you would like to try you can download full instructions here.

Glitter, raffia, and foam pages are available in every style and colour for creative and engaging work with students at any age. Foam and presentation boards allow students and teachers to create and present work in a vibrant and attractive manner, while crepe, streamers, and decorative rolls let teachers customise classrooms and bulletin boards to engage, excite and draw little learners in.

Rainbow Products also offer a resource page full of craft projects designed for every level of creator, complete with instructions and lists of materials that supplement any curriculum or learning plan. 

Early childhood development professionals and art teachers will also find Rainbow paper to be a useful resource. Rainbow Paper offers a variety of specialty papers for any type of art project. Newsprint, bulky print, and litho print are offered through the Rainbow Products family for artists working in print and scanning mediums. Tracing, and easel paper provide large scale supplies for those teaching or working on larger scale projects, while Kraft and arts and crafts designed papers allow for small scale patterning, tracing, and designing. 

For those looking to engage a child’s motor and sensory abilities, the Rainbow paper Kinder Shapes line is a special highlight, offering a variety of precut papers in fun shapes and textures, from foil to cellophane to cover. The vibrant Kinder Shapes can be used for pre-planned projects, collage mediums, and every other type of craft, engaging a child’s imagination and creativity while refining motor skills and teaching colours.

The full rainbow FSC Paper range is designed with your best interests in mind. Aside from being Australian-owned & operated and supportive of local businesses, the brand also focuses heavily on high-quality, environmentally sustainable and ethical products. Rainbow is proud to partner with the Forest Stewardship Council to ensure each product is sustainably and ethically sourced. Forest Stewardship Council accreditation can be found on a number of Rainbow FSC Paper products that Office Corporate is proud to carry. With an emphasis on fair trade and ethical treatment both in production facilities and retail locations, Rainbow Products keeps the environment in mind with each new innovation.

From product to packaging, Rainbow paper is at the forefront of the paper industry. The brand is continually innovating and creating new releases and products that reach the highest of quality and environmental standards. Rainbow Products represent the intersection between quality, imagination, and fun, and Office Corporate is pleased to be able to offer their products and support the innovative and accessible pr

The quality and diversity of the range of Rainbow paper has combined with your imagination and creative skill equal endless possibilities to the types of creative projects and artistic work that can be done. Not only does the Rainbow Brand offer a large number of creative options, all of the paper products are also great fun to use for craft supplies. Rainbow Paper products are suitable for art & craft projects of any level.

Rainbow Paper products go beyond just the creative art & craft application.

The Rainbow paper brand offers a wide and diverse range of premium quality papers and paper based products for the Educational, Retail, Florist and Pakaging markets. The Rainbow Logo and Brand are renowned in innovation, quality and product guarantee. All Rainbow products can be purchased online for same or next day delivery here. Kinder Shapes, Papers, Coloured Boards, Crepe Paper & Crepe logs.

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