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Post it notes at Office Corporate

Think big with Office Corporate and Post-it Notes

No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world." – Robin Williams

Humble ideas and thoughts have sparked life-changing solutions for decades. A simple idea sparks others, and with a little luck, perseverance, and dedication, little ideas become historic solutions or multi-million-dollar businesses.

The Post it notes has held little ideas for over 70 years and has been sparking creativity, facilitating communication between people, and housing thoughts for decades around the world.

Whether you need to leave yourself a reminder, flag important sections in documents at work, or even stick affirmations to your mirror, Post it notes has the perfect solution.

The famous Post it notes the story of chance

You may be surprised to find out that Play Doh range, the microwave, potato chips, penicillin, the match stick, the x-ray, cornflakes, chewing gum, superglue, and the Post it has something very specific in common. All of these life-changing inventions were born completely by accident.

Play-Doh was originally meant to be wall cleaner. Potato chips were created by an annoyed chef who jokingly sliced potatoes paper-thin for a customer who wanted thinner french fries. Cornflakes were made by the Kelloggs brothers who left some cooked wheat out too long. Even chewing gum was created while trying to make a rubber.

All of these products that have become engrained in our lives were mistakes. The legendary Post it story is no different.

The ground-breaking Post it adhesive formula was discovered by chance in a 3M lab by Dr. Spencer Silver. Dr. Silver was attempting to create a super-strong adhesive but ended up stumbling upon something quite different. The result? An adhesive that seemed to contradict itself! The adhesive stuck effectively to surfaces but also was easily removed and left no residue.  

The Post It notes in its current form, however, was only created years later when Dr. Silver’s colleague, Art Fry was looking for a solution to a very specific problem. Every Wednesday evening, Fry practiced with his church choir and used scrap paper as bookmarks in his hymn book. Fry became increasingly annoyed with these scrap paper bookmarks as they kept falling out. The two 3M colleagues collaborated to solve Fry’s problem with Silver’s science and the first Post-it was born.

The iconic yellow paper of the Post it was even accidental as well with the 3M employees sourcing the paper for their Post-its from the lab next door, who only happened to have yellow.

 Pick Post it notes & flags

The story of the creation of the Post it means that 3M understands that often, amazing thoughts and ideas don’t arrive when you expect them to. Ideas happen during life, and there is nothing better than a sticky solution to capture your thoughts when you need to.

Post it has truly stood the test of time and is one of the most iconic products to ever be developed. The company has not lost its knack for developing a great idea. The company has expanded its product range exponentially over the years to cater to every customer need imaginable. The fantastic products will constantly leave you wondering, “Why didn’t I think of that!”

In every colour under the sun and fantastically creative shapes, Post it brings always brings the fun. Whether you need a bit of Wow on your Wednesday or a sprinkle of fun in your Friday, Post it has the solution.

The Post-it solutions you’ll find on Office Corporate’s website include:

  • Post-it Correction Tape: Provided in a super convenient dispenser, the Post it Correction Tape covers your silly mistakes. This simple sticky solution to your problems won’t show on copies and removes just as easily as it sticks.
  • Post it Pop-up Notes: These fun pop-up notes spring into action when you need them with an accordion-like shape. The Post-it solutions are ideal for reminding yourself or a colleague of important to-do items.
  • Post it Super Sticky Notes: For the situations where you need just a little bit extra stick, the Super Sticky Notes are a perfect choice. These super sticky notes can be peeled off and stuck back on so that you can chop and change your note positions as many times as you need throughout the day. These are also offered in full adhesive solutions meaning that they sit flush against surfaces.
  • Post it Flags: Draw your colleagues attention to important sections of any document with Post-it flags in bright, cheery colours.
  • Post it Extreme: When even the most super stick won’t do, there are Post-it Extremes which are made to stick on the toughest surfaces in the toughest conditions. With Post-it Dura-Hold technology, this range is made to last on concrete, wood or tile, come rain or shine. If these don’t work, we can only recommend super glue!
  • Post-it Page Markers: Create tabs in lecture books or textbooks, or even use these as a bookmark for your night-time read.
  • Post-it Dispensers: A wide range of Post-it dispensers are on offer in tons of shapes and colours and might just be the thing to brighten up your desk and your day.

These are just some of the Post it products we have on offer at Office Corporate. Browse our wide range of choices and invest in Post-it to hold that thought!

A Post It Notes purchase that doesn’t need a second thought

Post its are always a good idea. Browse Office Corporate’s website for the complete range and Post-its for every purpose. While you’re at it, have a peek at our extensive range of stationery such as organisation tools and storage, craft supplies, quality writing & sketching tools, books, school supplies, and much more!

We are the go-to destination for online stationery shopping. Our customers give us top marks for our service with 4.6 out of five stars! While we are Aussie proud and 100% Australian owned, we bring you local products of international quality, and the international favourites you love.

With exceptional specials and our Price Beat Promise, we know you won’t find these products at this price anywhere else. We offer our customers the ultimate value for money saving you money on every purchase, no matter how small.

Office Corporate Stocks a variety of office stationery and school supplies including Post it flags, Post it note dispenser, Post it tabs, Post it note holder.

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