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Folders, however, are not the only way of storing important documentation, and there are several other options which may be preferable. If you are looking to store information packs or loose documents, then a Marbig document wallet, Marbig polypick wallet, slimpick wallet may be more suitable.

Marbig document wallet, polypick & slimpick 

Marbig wallets are hard-wearing, highly versatile and easy to store. You are even able to choose what volume of documents you need the box to hold ranging from 100 sheets to 150 sheets. These are perfect for documents that you do not need regularly but need to be kept safe.

If however you only want to store a few sheets of paper such as an important report that you are taking to a meeting then marbig slimpick wallet or report covers may be more suitable. These even come in a large range of colors so you choose a color which will compliment your corporate branding.

  • The Marbig wallet can carry documents up to foolscap size and has a 25 mm gusset that expands to hold more.
  • It's made from recyclable, durable and tear-resistant polypropylene for long-lasting use.
  • The hook and loop style closure securely seals the wallet and prevents documents from falling out.
  • It features a write-on ID panel so you can include a brief description of wallet contents.

Marbig made from durable polypropylene, this document wallet has 3 internal retaining flaps to hold papers and documents securely, also comes in bright and fashionable colours. Features write-on ID panel to easily identify content, it durable and tear-resistant foolscap document wallets. Features a 25mm gusset and touch fastener. Write-on ID panel on the front allows for easy identification of contents. Assorted colors are transparent summer colors and made from recyclable, durable polypropylene material.

About Marbig Box Files

Feel more confident when you're making a presentation, more in control of your environment when organising paperwork, and more certain of where you put that archived document when you're storing things for the long haul with Marbig.

One brand that has quite a wide range of product available on Office Corporate are the Marbig office products. Marbig, for over 30 years, has been providing the Australian community with a variety of high-quality office products. The Marbig office product available on office corporate comprises of Marbig divider index in A4, which is available in different styles and indices such as Jan- Dec dividers, 1-10 dividers, 1-5 dividers, Marbig A3 Tab board dividers (which is available in both portrait and landscape formats). Marbig clip folder for A4, which is made up of high-quality PVC materials is also available.

 Office corporate also offers Marbig deluxe flat file and the Marbig doculope, which are both available in various colours and sizes. The Marbig enviro deluxe binder is one of the major products supplied by the Office Corporate, and it is available in 2 rings, 3 rings, 4 ring binders. Marbig suspension files, Marbig letter file made from polypropylene, Marbig enviro mailing tube and a Marbig 1 & 2 hole plastic punch is also available. The Marbig product available on Office Corporate is of different sizes, colors, and styles which make them suitable for all office needs document wallets.

Marbig polypick wallet & slimpick 

Keep your documents protected and secure with the Marbig Polypick translucent wallet. This practical document wallet features a tear-resistant material to ensure longevity, and will easily fit foolscap documents. With its capability to fit up to 220 pages and it's convenient write-on ID panel for easy identification, this stationery essential is perfect for on the go and for your home office.

  Product Features:

  • Features a 25mm gusset and touch fastener
  • Write-on ID panel on the front allows for easy identification of contents
  • Assorted colors are transparent summer colors
  • Holds 220 pages
  • Made from recyclable polypropylene material

Price is for single item. Multiple items are shown. Each sold separately and subject to availability. Colours and styles may vary from time to time in store. Please note: If purchased online, orders will be picked at random. If you require a specific variant.

These Marbig document wallets are made from thick, 240 gsm manila board for added durability and versatility. They're ideal for use in a standard filing cabinet, or you can place them on your desktop to organise your workspace. They're available in a variety of bright colours so you can coordinate your filing system and they stand out from other files.

  • Name panel to label and customize your Marbig wallet

  • Holds large amount of A4 and FC paper with a 30mm gusset
  • Large flap secures your documents and keeps your wallet closed
  • Fits into your standard filing system
  • Made from printed manilla board
  • This assorted 10 pack contains green, light blue, purple, red & orange

Marbig Slimpick document wallet Perfect for storing and transporting documents and presentations holds large amount of paper with an expandable 30mm gusset Made from strong printed manilla board Features name panel to label your wallet available in a wide range of bright colors fits into your standard filing system. They're ideal for use in a standard filing cabinet, or you can place them on your desktop to organise your workspace.  

Looking after important documentation and being well organised is essential to running a successful business. By using A4 folders, document boxes and plastic wallets, your business will have a professional feel and help to give the right impression to your clients.

For more information on storing important documentation including marbig document wallet or a marbig polypick wallet.

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