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Play is an essential part of every child’s life. From dolls to dinosaurs, toys and objects form critical building blocks in a child’s development. At OfficeCorporate, we’re dedicated to encouraging children’s growth through creative and educational tools that make learning fun, which is why we’re happy to be a Learning Can Be Fun stockist in order to offer imaginative play options for every child.

Learning Can Be Fun

 Established in 1986, Learning Can Be Fun has over thirty five years of experience in developing tools to help children practice reading, writing, counting, and more. Early childhood learning professionals love the brand because of its commitment to entertaining and imaginative products that truly engage children at every level.

Numeracy is one of the major goals of Learning Can Be Fun, and their line of creative and colourful counters allow for cooperative learning for multiple children at once! Large jars of plastic and colourful objects like transport vehicles, fruits and vegetables, farm animals, and even bugs engage children’s silly sides while teaching practical maths skills. Adding and subtracting become a lot more fun when toys are involved!

 Numeracy can be reinforced in a number of different ways. One of the hardest skills for young children to grasp is time, yet more and more research is showing that the earlier kids learn time and time management, the more successful they will become.

 “When we teach children strategies for time management from an early age, they internalize them, which sets them up for lifelong success,” says Lynn Meltzer, Ph.D., president of the Research Institute for Learning and Development, a nonprofit research and educational organization.

Buy Learning Can Be Fun resources at Office Corporate

Office Corporate recognizes both the importance and the challenges of teaching time and hours skills to young children, so we’ve partnered with Learning Can Be Fun to carry their Analogue Clock teaching set.  Giving teachers physical and movable objects to demonstrate time passing and time learning makes it much easier to reinforce time concepts, and having smaller versions available for every child or student allows them to follow along at an individual pace. Not only do Learning Can Be Fun’s clocks provide personalized learning, but their bright faces and colorful numbers and hands make them attractive and visually appealing teaching aids, further stimulating children’s sensory and motor cortexes.

Learning Can Be Fun’s commitment to clear and colourful teaching aides can also be seen in their lines. From maps to numbers to alphabets, there are posters available for just about every need in a primary classroom. Each poster is individually designed and tested based on the best available research for how young children learn. The posters serve as essential resources for teachers and other professionals who are working to reinforce learning concepts in a fun and imaginative ways.

Learning literacy and numeracy with Learning can be fun

In addition to numeracy and literacy, their line also addresses physical and emotional health, working to teach young children more about themselves in an age-appropriate setting. Posters on the human body and on different emotions are great resources for classrooms, therapeutic settings, and homes, providing opportunities for younger children to learn to voice their feelings in safe and expressive ways. 

 A final highlight of the Learning Can Be Fun brand is their Write & Wipe flashcard lines. Reusable flashcards are both environmentally and economically sustainable, and the high quality and durability of every Learning Can Be Fun product ensures that a set of flashcards will withstand years of classroom or home use. Write & Wipe lines feature multiple areas of learning, including alphabet, maths, and colours practice. The brand even offers a sturdy display case with multiple options of each line, perfect for smaller stockists or for larger classrooms. These flashcards are designed for years of use, committed to practical, hands-on, and engaging learning for generations of children.

Learning Can Be Fun a well-loved 

Not only is Learning Can Be Fun a well-loved and trusted product manufacturer, but they lead the industry in ethical and social responsibility practices in their manufacturing and distribution centres. The brand is committed to Sedex environmental practices and works to generate no more than 3% wastage every year, implementing extensive recycling and upcycling campaigns at every level of the company.

Their partnership with Sedex also guarantees a commitment to ethical production and supply practices, ensuring a fair and safe working environment for every employee. OfficeCorporate is proud to be a Learning Can Be Fun stockist and plans to continue carrying these high-quality and creative products in hopes that every child has access to imaginative learning and play.

Learning can be fun Educational resources offer many teaching aids aligned to the revised Australian Federal Curriculum.

Office Corporate distribute all Learning Can be Fun educational products and resources Australia Wide. Our product range includes the following categories:


Literacy                                  Numeracy

Financial Literacy                   Pre-Reading

Gillian Miles                            Meadow Kids

Tick-It & Shaw Magnets         edx Education

Reward Charts                       Charts

Posters                                   Placemats

Practise Mats                         Premium Wooden Toys

Shopping & Role Play            POP Signage

Wipe-Clean Learning

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