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GBC, or General Binding Corporation, is an office supply company. Their high-quality materials, such as the GBC laminators, combined are a must in every office.

GBC laminators & combined & Its History

In 1947, a man named William N. Lane, along with his two business partners, set out to help Chicago printers find a faster and more reliable way to bind and laminate documents. This entrepreneurial consolidation birthed General Binding Corporation, or what we commonly know as GBC.

Throughout its history, GBC has always had a knack for innovation and initiative. In 1961, the company introduced the first electric, mechanical binding punch. And just five years later, they added the tabletop laminator.

GBC then merged with the ACCO World office in 2005. This merger created the ACCO Brands Corporation and became the world’s largest supplier of branded office products. Today, GBC combind, shredders, binders, and laminators are used in many offices all around Australia and around the world.

GBC Combbind & shredders Supplies in Australia

Here are some of the GBC Combbind you can purchase right now at Office Corporate

  • GBC Shredders

GBC paper shredders are the best way of destroying confidential and irrelevant documents. These shredders work fast and easy. GBC has different kinds of shredders.

Commercial shredders are the perfect machines for shredding large volumes of documents. Office shredders are smaller but they get the job done. High-security shredders make sure your sensitive documents leave no traces at all after being shredded.

The most sought after GBC shredder is the GBC Shredmaster. The Shredmaster works on massive amounts of documents, it will run for the foreseeable future, and it has a very reasonable price.

You can also purchase other shredder supplies you might need such as shredder oils and shredder bags.

  • Laminators at GBC

GBC laminators help in preventing tearing, staining, and bending. This layer of protection can mean the world if you want to secure your most important documents. The laminating machines at GBC deliver every single time.

GBC laminating machines are capable of laminating a wide array of materials, depending on your needs. You can opt for a laminator that laminates documents, menus, recipes, posters, and even large banners.

Automated GBC laminators are your perfect machines for convenience and automation. This type of laminator requires no pouches as it uses auto-threading film cartridges. With just the touch of a button, you’ll be able to laminate the document you need, hassle-free.

Pouch laminators are smaller machines that are still perfect for your occasional laminating needs. Its fast warm-up time allows you to laminate recipe cards, menus, or photos exactly when you need to.

Roll laminators place pressure on your documents and film to provide a very firm and beautiful output. GBC roll laminators come in hot and cold versions.

Wide-format laminators are precisely the thing you need for your bigger laminations. This machine can laminate materials up to 64” wide.

You can also purchase various laminating supplies such as pouches, roll fils, among others.

  • GBC Binders

If you want to bind your documents correctly and with ease, use GBC’s binding machines. The all-in-one binding machine specifically was made to bind larger and more challenging projects, capable of binding from 330 to 500 sheets of documents. The machine’s sleek GBC combbind spine feature allows your documents to look very professional and flat. Aside from binding, all-in-one binders are also capable of punching holes on up to 20 to 25 sheets with just a push of a button.

You can also choose to purchase GBC’s binding punches. These machines can punch a considerable number of sheets in one application. The binding punches can be either be operated with a button or with foot pedals. This machine was built and designed ergonomically to ensure no mistakes can happen, therefore speeding up productivity.

You can also purchase the binding accessories you need for your workplace, such as dies.

These are the GBC products and machines you can purchase for your office. Being a world-leading brand, GBC makes sure its items are durable and of high-quality. When you decide to purchase one or more of these materials, you can rest easy knowing it will work perfectly and last for a long time.

Purchase your favorite GBC Laminators & Combbind at Office Corporate

You can never go wrong with shopping at Office Corporate. Office Corporate has been in the industry for over 20 years. We have catered to multiple Australian businesses from different industries. We have also touched bases with schools, universities, and other learning facilities. Our experience has taught us the comings and goings of Australian businesses and we’ve learned exactly what the customer needs.

You don’t need office supplies that will just break down after a couple of uses. You need sturdy and reliable materials you can place in your workspace and you’ll have peace of mind knowing it will stay there working for a long time. These are the kinds of supplies Office Corporate sells. We only work with brands that are reliable and GBC is undoubtedly one of those brands.

Whether you need laminators, binders, or shredders, GBC’s wide array of machines won’t disappoint you and you can purchase them right now at Office Corporate. The GBC laminators, specifically, is a powerhouse and is a must-have for any office that requires frequent shredding.

The supplies here at Office Corporate are not only durable and reliable, but they are also very affordable. Our aim is to be a place you can turn to if you want the most affordable option on the market. If you ever stumble upon a different place that sells the same items we do at a lower price, let us know and we will accommodate you. Once we verify this request, we will give you the same item for a 2% lower price through our Price Beat Promise!

Shop now and we’ll have the item you need to be delivered to your doorstep, no matter where you are in Australia. At Office Corporate, your convenience and budget wishes will be fulfilled.

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