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A Paperless Society: Inevitable Esselte folders & ring binders

Computers were supposed to create a paperless society. Still, then we have more paper around than ever because of documentation and record-keeping. The challenge is to be able to bring your hand to the right paper and use it efficiently when you need it. In other words, to have a system for filing and presenting, which works for you. And that is precisely what Esselte Australia is all about.

With a desire to see you have easy and effective working experience, we have built computer accessories that support the ideals that you want in your office. Esselte folders and Esselte ring binders give you the ideal feeling of comfort and productivity. A wide variety of items are customized to your needs, fitting into every form of work environment like meetings, schooling, among others.

Our classic and affordable Esselte accessories provide you with the highest comfort you will always expect, binding you to the technology's blissful terms. We have products that are easy to market with a superior level of service and global presence.

Esselte Australia has office products such as computer accessories, files, binders, folders, covers, staplers, letter trays. We strive to make managing the modern workplace more straightforward for humans, working closely with our clients, and helping them run a profitable business.  Esselte Australia is one of the world's leading supplier of file folders and ring binders, staplers and desk accessories, printers and labels, and computer accessories for office supplies. We focus on office products that enhance new information technology such as, Esselte folders, Esselte ring binders.

Esselte Australia: Spicing up Office document management

Our company has invested about five decades in ensuring your office experience is comfortable and practical. Our unique Esselte folders, Esselte ring binders, are borne out of creativity, and expertise gives the quality you desire and loud voice than any other with a touch of style and class to give that ideal effectiveness. Our collection is designed to help you work through accessories tailored to your needs. Still, thinking of an improved folder and ring binder for efficiency? Look no further.  The Esselte Australia is always coming through in a style so you can have a smooth work and record-keeping experience. We deliver products that meet the changing needs of our customers through innovation by providing a thorough understanding of our consumers' needs and desires.

Your offices should have these classy, affordable, carefully, and beautifully designed Esselte folders, Esselte ring binders, and accessories with the exceptional touch of creativity from our talented hands. We have hanging files and systems, file folders, index cards, presentation directories, organizers, Esselte ring binders, and laptop accessories, memo books, accounting sheets, and books for record-keeping, paper products, and marking products. Esselte created the first interior file folders.

We are introducing color hanging folders to color-code filing systems. Patenting the first laminate-reinforced hanging folders, developing the InfoPocket file-in-file for small objects kept in paper files, and launching a complete line of environmentally-friendly box products. These include extensive use of extra-durable poly material, the introduction of mobile filing products, making it easy to move documents and file sets, and the development of filing products featuring a cross-bonded, rip-proof gusset design for extra durability. All of the Pendaflex licensed goods offer a lifetime guarantee to customers.

Simple Esselte folders & ring binders

The filing goods, reports, and portable files by Esselte are not merely plain manila and institutional gray. Vibrant colors, trendy pastels, shiny textures, eye-catching graphic patterns, and transparent casings. There are directories for business cards with die cuts, poly and cloth fabrication with document panache, and expandable portable files with removable partitions. The extensive line of Esselte represents the customer-driven approach to product creation at the company. Through innovation, Esselte Australia offers better service than competitors by broadening our opportunities with quick, creative decisions, and better products.

Suspension files from Esselte Classic foolscap are high-quality files with strengthened tape across the bottom and top of the file to make it ten times more reliable. The card is brightly colored and designed by combining with other colors in the collection to create a color-coded filing system. It comes complete with translucent versatility of plastic and white paper parts.

Available in a wide range of colours, capacities, and foolscap. The suspension files are made from a 210 gsm card that is suitable for the function. The only risk of failure is related to loading the file with an excessive amount of documents. Our A4 Plastic Folders and Plastic Wallets are made of top-quality polypropylene. They are perfect for keeping all your essential documents, such as personal data, stored and organized in one convenient place. Our plastic pocket collection includes punched pockets, cut flush directories, report files, and popper wallets.

Esselte plastic punched pockets, or the more commonly known poly pockets, are available in various qualities as well as the top opening, side opening, and top and side opening. These have punched holes down one side and are ideal for neatly storing papers in a ring binder or arch file with a lever. Our heavy-duty A4 punched pockets have a thickness of 120 microns which gives them an executive look, while our lightweight ones are available in 50-80 microns for general filing

Cut flush folders are a plastic sleeve which typically opens on top and side with a thumb-cut hole for easy access to the inside documents. These are available again in a variety of colors and thicknesses, including red, blue, green, yellow, and clear. Such A4 pockets are ideal for paper storage to prevent damage or soiling. Our Q Link cut flush file folders are available at affordable prices in a range of glossy, vibrant colors. All our filing products are suitable for use in any home, office or workplace with delivery on most of our products available next day.s

Esselte Presentation Binders are high-quality, embossed polypropylene files made from a sturdy FSC certified board covered with leather. For a smooth finish, the cover is printed on both sides and welded at the edges to avoid air bubbles and waves. These have two external customization pockets and can hold up to 380 sheets of A4 paper.

The size is 40 mm, and the four D-Ring mechanisms tightly hold four hole-punched documents. We deliver a mix of exquisitely designed Esselte accessories to create a user-friendly and hospitable atmosphere that supports work and promotes healthy interaction between humans and technology to give your office and workspace the kind of classy and professional results

 At Esselte Australia, we make it our point of duty to present you with accessories that will enhance your productivity and ace your reputation in influencing others in the outside world.

 In 2002, the Boston, MA based US private equity investment firm J.W. Childs & Associates purchased Esselte for approximately $560 million in a transaction originated and introduced by Jonathan Slater.

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