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Cleanlink Brand Australia

Cleanlink brand is a highly trusted brand when it comes to quality cleaning tools and other janitorial supplies all over Australia. You can get different caution signs, rubbish bins, mops and buckets to go along with it—all of which are durable, affordable and suitable for offices, restaurants and even hospitals.

The importance of cleanliness in workspaces with Cleanlink

Cleanliness with Cleanlink will also help you and your staff maintain a good physical condition and have a peaceful state of mind. Working hours would be enjoyable because a clean workplace positively impacts productivity; and that is why maintaining cleanliness should be encouraged, aside from it being essential in living a healthy lifestyle.

Cleanliness in business workspaces means there are no dusty cobwebs hanging in the ceiling, no marks left on the desks and floor, no wastes piling up and no unpleasant odors.  It is about preventing the spread of dirt that could lead to someone getting allergies and diseases, which could be passed around the workplace.

What are the Cleanlink Cleaning tools you should get?

Cleanlink products provides durable and complete janitorial supplies, below is a list of what you can get and the uses of each:

  • Air Freshener

Removes unpleasant odors in your office; however, it will not last long if there is still any rubbish in the workplace. It also doesn’t cover the smell of bad stains for a long time, you will need to have it cleaned out.

  • Cleanlink Mops

Remove stains on the floor and keep it clean. No one wants to walk on dirty floors willingly because no one would be happy to see their footwear dirty too. A clean floor will reflect lights, giving the workplace a brighter glow and a pleasant atmosphere. There are different mops available for you.

  • Cleanlink Mop Buckets

Makes mopping cleaner, faster and easier. No more trips to the nearest toilet to wash mops—No time more time wasted. There are regular and heavy duty mop buckets you can choose from, also available in different sizes.

  • Cleanlink Caution Signs

In almost all buildings and stores that are accessible to the public, it is still important to keep the place pristine to prevent accidents and to let the people know whether the area is slippery or not; that’s why caution signs are a must.

  • Cleanlink Duster

Removes dust and cobwebs off the ceiling, desks and other office essentials. It is bendable to ensure  you don’t miss dust in tricky spaces.

  • Window Squeegee

Removes unwanted marks, which keeps the windows and mirrors squeaky clean. Urban areas have higher concentration of air pollution than rural areas, which is why windows with dusty droplet forms are common. You can also get the window cleaning kit that comes with a bucket, cloth channel and 12-litre t-bar.

  •  Cleanlink Brooms

Removes dust and wastes on the floor. Don’t use it on desks and ceilings, there are cleaning tools for that, and it is not hygienic at all. Make sure to get different brooms for indoors and outdoors.

  • Janitor’s Trolley

Cleanlink Cleaning tools can be heavy, and it’s not possible to clean using only one of it. Janitor’s trolley will help carry all the cleaning tools needed to one place, and cleaning an area will be faster and easier. There’s also a scissors trolley, utility trolley and utility carry basket available.

  • Cleanlink Bins

There are different types of rubbish bins you can choose from, this is suitable for food wastes, plastic bottles, and papers. Getting more will encourage the habit of waste segregation.

Of course, there’s also the garbage bin trolley. With this,  cleaning out all those rubbish bins will be faster, and gathering all the waste will only take a few trips.

  • All Purpose Premium Microfibre Cloth

Cleanlink Microfibre cleaning cloths are more hygienic and cleans well in less time. You don’t have to use expensive detergents to get things clean because soap and water will do just fine. Microfibre cloths have more fibres, which are smaller, than cotton cloths that wipes away even the smallest dirt, which cotton cloths can’t do.

Shop for Cleanlink cleaning products at Office Corporate

Office Corporate is an Australia owned and operated business that has been serving the market for 20 years. We have delivered office supplies to multiple Australian businesses, educational institutes, and individuals. We’ve learned that we shouldn’t compromise budget just to have access to high-quality items, and that’s exactly what you can expect here at Office Corporate.

We pride ourselves on working with brands that provide safe and robust materials at a very reasonable price. For your cleaning tools, Cleanlink will provide exactly what you need without you having to bring out a considerable amount of money. You will be satisfied with the supplies you receive without hurting your cash flow.

We at Office Corporate strive to be the most affordable option you can find on the market. This goal has lead to the creation of our Price Beat Promise. If you happen to find a place online that sells the same product we do at a lower price, we will beat that by 2%!

Just give us a message and we will verify this inquiry. Once we’re done with that, we will sell that very same item to you adhering to our Price Beat Promise.

Sign up today and get the chance to shop at the most affordable online store in Australia. If you purchase a product from our store now, you won’t even have to leave the confines of your comfort zone. With just a few clicks, you can purchase an item and we’ll have them delivered to you with our express delivery service. We can do this for you no matter where you are from in Australia.

So, wait no further! Be sure you equip your workspace or personal space with the proper and most efficient Cleanlink cleaning tools, marked with the Cleanlink brand. At Office Corporate, your budget, convenience, and satisfaction are our highest consideration.

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