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BIC Ballpoint Pens are a staple

When our customers want a staple, we know they actually want a BIC pen (pun intended).

A BIC ballpoint pen is an essential in virtually every book list Office Corporate supplies to its educational customers. A brand well established for over 70 years worldwide, and 60 of those in Australia. When you think of writing instruments, you cannot help but think BIC pens.

From its conception, BIC’s message has always been to supply affordable products that are made to last. This is precisely why Office Corporate is proud to partner with BIC pens to offer its full range to all of our B2B and B2C customers. We want to ensure that the products you purchase are equally affordable and reliable.

BIC stationery, BIC Cristal Pens and its relevance to Education

Whether it’s your BIC Cristal Pens, your BIC 4 colour pen, or even your fancier BIC fountain pen, the educators we engage with agree that the BIC Brand has become an essential.

The BIC Cristal ballpoint pen is built for endurance and has been made to last for up to 2km worth of writing. Don’t quote us, but students tell us that this is longer than most teachers can run unbroken!

To further our investment into the schools we supply, each year Office Corporate will proudly provide both current and new customers with dozens of BIC stationery sample packs. These packs will usually include your standard BIC cristal ballpoint pen, BIC 4 colour pen and a sample of the BIC Kids branded products Evolution Pencils and triangle grip crayons!  

BIC Kids and BIC Atlantis pen Online Resources

As part of the service they provide, BIC Online has over 300* Free time-saving resources for teachers and pupils with their “Teachers’ Corner”. BIC Kids boasts everything from Child development activities to learning instruments for educators. Contact our sales team on 1300 855 085 or to find out more about BIC online and how it could aid you with remote learning!

Social responsibility

Another reason Office Corporate is proud to supply everything from BIC blue pens to Glue sticks and even correction tape is because of their commitment to reducing their environmental footprint.

You will notice we like to GO GREEN at Office Corporate, and BIC is known to constantly strive to reduce their footprint. Every aspect of their business from optimizing their energy and water consumption, reduction and recycling of waste, reducing their greenhouse gas emissions and so much more.  Click the link below to read further information on how BIC is striving for sustainable development of all of BIC's products.

Connecting through Communication

Here’s one for the kids…What did the new BIC pen in town say to her neighbor the BIC Atlantis pen? … Will you be by pen-pal?

We love a good stationery pun at Office Corporate. We know that stationery is a necessary, often boring component of every home office or school set up. It is for this reason we like to keep it light and partner with reliable brands.

Utilize us for any queries you have about which products will be best suited to your needs. Allow us to provide you with the resources you require to make informed decisions that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Treat us as your “Pen Pals” if you will, our team is here to connect you with the solution you are looking for.

Bic KIDS and Bic 4 colour pen

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