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Artline markers


It such a competitive environment you can be sure to stand out by making your mark with what else - but an Artline marker.

Why you should have an excellent Artline whiteboard marker and Pens

Everyone thinks Artline whiteboard markers are only meant for schools that use a whiteboard. What about the offices? What about your glass desks? And even your mirrors. Today, Whiteboards are regular fixtures in offices, school classrooms, meeting rooms, and a part of a workstation. The news is several markers are handy, but not all of them are good for your board. At Artline, we produce a wide range of creative pens, markers for home and work, even up to special ones for kids. Got a whiteboard, and you still don't have an idea of ink to fit, our Artline markers got you covered. It is perfect for all occasions with its versatile and vibrant colours.

Teaching involves imparting knowledge by teachers to learners using various methods of presenting information to students. Also, there is often a need to put some permanent inscriptions on household utensils, appliances, and equipment either for the identification or for merely marking out.

Office corporate is the first destination for stationery items for your business, your artistic/ architecture designs can become very tiresome without the right set of tools, and in particular, the type of pen used determines the quality of your work. A locally owned and operated Australian business, we are dedicated to bringing the best of brands to the market so that our community can thrive.

Artline produces a wide range of creative pens and markers, from classic home and work marker pens to speciality pens for kids.

Improve your idea outlooks with Artline pens and markers

Are you are a teacher or you are in a meeting illustrating someone? Maybe you found yourself before a whiteboard trying to express an idea. I am certain you don't want to face the challenge of a bad/inconsistent whiteboard marker that fades out at this time.

With Artline, we offer you the productive moment you need and efficient varieties of Artline products for your offices & schools whiteboards.

 You can trust Artline whiteboard makers to meet your expectations of an excellent marker that will not stain your board, highly legible, easy to use and easy to remove. The Artline markers can be used on both regular and electronic whiteboards. They come with matching ink refill bottle and are erasable from any surface. Ideal for anyone who uses a whiteboard at school, workplace or home.

Shopping with Artline makes your board experiences worthwhile.

"Do not clean" aren't always needed

You might not fall in the category of a teacher/ professor or student or have anything to do with a whiteboard, but you need to label those brown boxes in your store.

Office corporate has invested a lot of years in making sure that you have quality and usable items to identify your things, just the way you want them. Is it to differentiate objects, write names that cannot be cleaned off, or mark out measurements on a piece of fabric? Then, the Artline Permanent marker is just what you need.

We have our Artline products such as the Artline pen, whiteboard marker and Artline markers available for each of your needs in a variety of different line widths and tip shapes.

The Artline permanent markers are ideal for marking a variety of porous and non-porous surfaces. As the name implies permanent markers are used for permanent inscriptions' which means they have waterproof fast-drying ink, ideal for writing on almost any kind of surface including glass, Artline permanent markers thus satisfy you in this light.

Also, we provide the stationery in different colours, just the way you want them. If you are still thinking of putting up a large red "don’t touch ” sign on your personal belongings or permanent instruction in your workplace that will not fade quickly, Office Corporate is where you should be to shop for Artline products. Our services are affordable and pocket friendly.

Step up your game with Artline pen

That moment you want to sign a document quickly and you pen fails to glide across due to the ballpoint or worse don’t even work at all. Maybe, you are in the examination hall, and for no good reason, your pen starts to fail, nor legible and wouldn't even write. If you have been in such situations, you definitely won't want a repeat show. If you haven't, you might want to avoid such embarrassing moments by owning a collection from Artline. Artline pens are Ideal for all kinds of drawing and writing, stencilling, lettering guides, etc.

We have them available in different colours and tip sizes. The Artline pen tip size varies from 0.1 to 0.8mm, which means it has a wide range of application which we will be glad to help you with.

If you are an artist and you don’t want to deal with the headache of using a bad pen or using a pen that does not fit the specification of your job, we would highly recommend that you patronise our store to order for Artline pens of your choice. For example, the opens issue a super thin line perfect for technical applications such as drafting, graphic design and illustrating.

Why Artline fineliner pens are the best you can get.

Fineliner pen is fine fibre or plastic tip pens, mainly used for graphics, sketching and drawing purposes, although it can be used for writing too because of the unique feel of the tip of the pen. Fineliners are often in black coloured ink; however, Artline fineliners are available in different colours and sizes. Also different fineliner types are available to fit specific purposes best, Artline 200 fineliners with instant drying blur proof ink is ideal for writing and drawing in school, home and offices. Do you have a presentation at work, and you need a fine liner?

 What suits best is the Artline Fineliner (203 CLIX), if you want to make bold drawings and writings Artline fineliner (210) is just as suitable, the fineliners are available in different designs best fit for specific purposes and also available in different colours.

Bring your ideas to life with Artlines range of Fineline pens. Whatever you are creating, things flow with Artline fineliner.  Are you an artist, graphics designers, do you want to sketch a logo? Then you need the best tools. Artine fineliner is a welcome addition to any office, school, studio or home.

At Office corporate, we are just here to give you a vast collection of Artline stationaries. We sell to you in your desired quantities.

Artline Products:

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, Artline Whiteboard Marker

Things just flow better with Artline and Office Corporate Visit -

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