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Health is always a priority by ST John First Aid Kit

Accidents, sicknesses, distress, and danger are not always planned events but definitely do happen. With a goal of easing health care services to individuals, organizations, and even groups, the long past years have been dedicated to building a trusted brand and improving lives on a day to day basis.

St John Ambulance first aid kits remain one of Australia’s leading provider of first aid services. Not limited to that, we offer training with our first aid kits to provide first aiders with opportunities to update their skill sets and practice the skills gained anywhere and anytime required. The online first aid training comes with flexible delivery options throughout Australia. We also engage in immediate CPR care when necessary.

Having St john kits in first aid are not meant for hospital workers alone but, should also be an essential component for your workplace and its safety. This includes Schools, Offices, and places where people can be exposed to danger. Still thinking of where to get updated St John first aid kits, products and equipment’s that will suit your workplace and home needs? Partner with us today at St John Ambulance kits.

The rules by the books for a living with CPR St John First Aid kit

“Safety first” goes the rule. Because health care is not limited to the walls of a hospital or clinic, St John Ambulance first aid kits are dedicated to helping people of all groups in distress. Not only are we reliable in just providing help to endangered persons around you, but we also make a point of duty and call to reach out to communities through our volunteers in delivering health services and commit to projects. 

You can also volunteer to train with us on our St John first aid kits training course and accredited CPR kits course organized annually to help you build expertise when confronted with real-life situations. In other words, it provides a platform for you to gain new knowledge and update your skills.

We can also help you with first aid products and kits for your personal use, organizational use suited to meet the government’s requirement, recreational use and for the home when you shop with us. In addition to that, we recommend the types of equipment your organization needs and signage for your community group, whereby we keep you updated on products so that your kits are up to date. With St John Ambulance first aid, you are equipped with just what you need.

St John First aid kits and its usefulness

As a self-funding and charitable organization, good health and healthy living remain a top priority to us at St John Ambulance kits. We hold a record of over a hundred years of experience channeled to improving lives every day. Not only can you count on us to take care of your first-aid packages, but you can also trust us to provide a full range of highly recognized and certified training courses such as the first aid kits course and CPR kits.

Whether you work within a health care facility or you run an educational facility, the health and safety of people around you should be of primary concern. Basic first aid should not be lacking in administering early care to sick and distressed persons. What about the offices and the workplace? They are not left out. This is why we are here to serve you by providing your homes, workplace, schools and gatherings with quality and easy to use first aid products and kits. It is what we do, and we will be glad to see you make contributions towards healthier living by partnering and patronizing us at St John Ambulance.

Save a life with St John Ambulance first aid kit & supplies 

Creating a safe and healthy environment is not complete guarantee incidents might not occur. And when they do, what is the first move? First aid rings a bell in saving situations before proper care can be administered. Reaching out to communities, delivering health services, and organizing projects involving youths is not something every organization commits to. At St John Ambulance kits, we have invested over a hundred years in garnering experiences for individuals, groups and workplace by helping people in distress and danger. This is precisely what we do by providing humanitarian services to places within Australia.

Have you been thinking of a platform where you can change and affect lives? Volunteer with us today at St John kits. We provide first aid and emergency medical services.  Our program provides for opportunities where you can be taught on how to become a first aider by undergoing St John first aid kits and CPR courses. Certifications are involved, so it is definitely a plus for you.

We also serve you with the right kits you need for first aid treatments for your recreational spaces, workplaces, schools and homes. In case you’re unable to find the first aid equipment and products you are looking for, book our services right away.

St John first aid kits & ambulance first aid supplies at the best price

First aid should be available to everyone and not some people. Because we all deserve that right to live healthily, care should be provided to preserve life and promote recovery when persons suffer from sicknesses or sustain injuries. If you believe in this too, then you’re in line with our commitment. At St John first aid kits, we are committed to making first aid available to everyone; young or old, rich or poor. This we can do better when you partner with us and patronize our services.

While waiting for an ambulance in cases of severe conditions, professional medical help can be secured to intervene in such performing CPR with basic medical training. This is part of the reasons why we recommend our training on CPR courses and St John first aid kit to ace your game up whenever such situations occur as a first aider. 

Our wide range of products is also available for your use. They include emergency items, Sport kits, First aid room equipment, Signage and publications, all suited to serve your needs in your homes and workplaces. Reach us today to commit to the human cause for a healthy life.

The Origins of St. John First Aid Kits

Accidents can happen at any time, and being prepared can make all the difference between life and death. That's where the St. John First Aid Kit comes into play. More than just a box of medical supplies, it's a symbol of preparedness, care, and safety. In this article, we will delve into the world of St. John First Aid Kits, exploring their history, contents, and the vital role they play in ensuring the well-being of individuals and communities.

The story of St. John Ambulance, the organization behind these kits, dates back to the 11th century when the Order of St. John of Jerusalem was formed to provide medical care to pilgrims during the Crusades. Over time, this noble mission evolved, and in the 19th century, St. John Ambulance was officially founded in the United Kingdom. Its primary goal was to train ordinary people in first aid techniques to save lives during emergencies.

The First Aid Kit, a crucial tool for administering first aid, soon became an essential part of St. John's mission. These kits are carefully designed to provide the necessary supplies and equipment to address a wide range of injuries and medical emergencies.

What's Inside a St. John First Aid Kit?

A St. John First Aid Kit is like a mini-hospital in a box, with each component serving a specific purpose:

  1. Bandages and Dressings: Various types of bandages, sterile gauze pads, and adhesive tape to cover and protect wounds.

  2. Antiseptics and Cleansing Agents: Antiseptic wipes, alcohol pads, and saline solution for cleaning and disinfecting wounds.

  3. Medical Instruments: Scissors, tweezers, and disposable gloves for safe and precise first aid administration.

  4. Emergency Essentials: CPR face shields, emergency blankets, and instant cold packs for critical situations.

  5. Medications: Pain relievers, antihistamines, and other over-the-counter medications for common ailments.

  6. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): Face masks and eye protection to prevent contamination and the spread of infections.

  7. Instruction Manual: A comprehensive first aid guidebook to help users administer aid effectively.

The Unique Features of St. John First Aid Kits

  1. High Quality: St. John First Aid Kits are known for their superior quality. They are meticulously designed and manufactured to meet or exceed industry standards.

  2. Comprehensive: These kits are well-equipped to handle a wide range of emergencies, making them suitable for both individuals and organizations.

  3. User-Friendly: With clear labeling and an easy-to-follow instruction manual, even those with minimal medical training can use these kits effectively.

  4. Portability: Compact and lightweight, St. John First Aid Kits are designed for easy transport and storage, making them ideal for homes, schools, workplaces, and vehicles.

  5. Customization: St. John Ambulance offers various kit sizes and types to cater to specific needs, whether it's for a family home or a large-scale event.

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