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Passionate about creating? If you’re investing time, make sure it’s well spent with superior drawing and writing instruments, don’t waste your precious resource using with inferior tools. When your piece demands the best drawing supplies including KOH I NOOR pencil there is no need to compromise, when you can get premium performance for a pittance of the price of other brands - right here, right now!

KOH I NOOR Pencils HARDTMUTH - A Passion for Creation

Koh I Noor Pencils believe in the amazing power of creativity that brings joy and fun to life. Through thier high-quality and affordable products, they inspire both kids and grown-ups, motivating them to develop themselves and making their lives more fun and colourful.

Whether you are looking for quality art supplies for enthusiasts and professionals, creative children's aids, office equipment, or interesting gifts for your loved ones, Koh I Noor pencil HARDTMUTH has been bringing you a wide range of proven products for four centuries in a row.

Since 1790 Koh I Noor has masterfully created now world-renowned writing and artist instruments.

Significant innovations from Koh I Noor have set the tone in the field of perfectly crafted writing tools. Production of both the graphite pencil and clay lead pencil were patented only a decade after Joseph Hardtmuth laid the foundations of the company in 1790. Koh I Noor Pencils lead the way in developing a global grading standard now adopted by manufacturers worldwide, the standard divides graphite pencils according to the hardness of their lead. The grey lead pencil grading standard ranging from B through to H is detailed below.

The letter H indicates a “Hard Lead Pencil” whilst a pencil identifying as B designated the “Blackness of the pencils mark” indication of a “”Soft Lead Pencil” Together with the identifying letters, numbers are also given to pencils to indicate the how hard or soft the lead is.  

The HB Pencil (Hard Black) is the standard writing pencil from the age of 10 years and over.

However, informative years, when learning to write, a softer and darker lead pencil is used – Generally a 2B or 3B. The lead is also cased in thicker triangular wood, the learning pencil is known as a Jumbo Tri Grip or Learners pencil.   

The European and now global classification system of Graphite | Grey Lead Grading is pictured:

Koh I Noor Pencils Variety 

As well as the contribution of the graphite grading system Koh I Noor have had many significant achievements, notably in 1900 the iconic yellow pencil 1500 won the prestigious award at Grand Prix in Paris and became the most famous pencil in the world.

In this era, China possessed the best graphite in the world. The 1500 was yellow in recognition of the Chinese association of yellow with royalty and luxury. it was a way for Koh i noor pencils to associate their high-quality graphite with quality and statue.

The pencil 1500 was quite expensive but it became a huge success and it was quickly considered the best pencil in the market. As a result, competitors started imitating the pencil and that’s why even today, pencils throughout Europe and the Americas are traditionally yellow. Today, Australia is one of the few continents where this is not the case, typically our pencils are Red.   

KOH I NOOR Pencils Company Czech Products  

The factory in Ceske Budejovice has been in operation since 1848 and remains responsible for the largest volume of Koh I Noor HARDTMUTH production. You can also find arms of the company abroad in Slovakia, Germany, Poland, Italy, Romania, and Bulgaria. Other important partners include the USA, Russia, Ukraine, and Benelux. The company exports its products to more than 90 countries. In Australia Office Corporate distribute a wide range of Koh I Noor pencils & products.

Progresso Graphite KOH I NOOR Pencils

Koh I Noor pencil is one of the world leaders in the production and distribution of first-rate graphite pencils, specifically the, Koh I Noor Progresso reange, designed and made for artists, schools and offices.

The Koh I Noor Progresso woodless graphite pencils allow you express yourself whatever the medium - drawing, sketching or shading. The Koh I Noor graphite pencils are manufactured entirely of graphite lead, allowing greater longevity than traditional pencils., Koh-I-Noor Progresso Pencils are constructed of a solid 7.1mm stick of graphite with a thin outer layer of lacquer to ensure concise handling. This unique construction means the pencil can be sharpened for the most detailed work whilst using the edges of the pencil for shading or broad, expressive work.

Koh I Noor Polycolor Artist Coloured Pencils

Koh I Noor Polycolor pencils possess a uniquely soft lead, despite this, do not require frequent sharpening. Their retention of a fine point combined with a soft buttery laydown makes them well suited to getting into small spaces whilst equally capable of filling large areas in deep colour with little pressure.

The Polycolors build quality and durability ensure they last, making them great value for money. They are certainly cheaper and present value when comparing them to more expensive alternatives like the Polychromos and Prismacolor. The pencil is aesthetically appealing and easily identified by their barrel cover colour that accurately represents the lead within. Further adding to this beautiful artist pencils appeal is the balanced hexagon barrel and its tip dipped in gold. You can view the vast range of the Koh I Noor polycolor below.

Polycolur Colour Chart 

KO I Noor Polycolur Colour Chart


Koh I Noor Mondeluz 72

Mondeluz aquarell pencils are produced with quality raw artist materials sourced from ethical and renowned producers around the world.

Koh I Noor produce top-quality Mondeluz watercolour pencils that are famous for their vibrant, evenly-dispersed pigments and good colour permanency. Their light permanency and dosed concentration influence the final result to create spectacular and durable watercolour pieces.

They are a versatile water-soluble colour pencil that can be used wet or dry. Each pencil has a slim, hexagonal shape for easy control & despite being super slim the artist-quality Aquarelle contains a thick 3.8mm lead Cased in California cedar wood.

These Koh I Noor pencils are highly pigmented and ideal for drawing, sketching, and colouring. The pencils are delivered pre-sharpened in a presentation tin for protection and longevity.

Koh I Noor Watercolour 

Koh-I-Noor Watercolour Discs contain rich, highly pigmented colours that produce brilliant pieces with intense colours.  

Vibrant Koh I Noor Watercolour are Ideal for amateurs and artists looking for cost effective, quality watercolour paints.

Koh I Noor Watercolour discs are manufactured in a wide variety of colours that are suitable for portrait painting, decorative work and colouring of photographs. The full range of quality watercolour paints are available in a distinctive round tray, that are built up to make 4 different sets in a tier. The lid can also be used for mixing.

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